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Providing a Different Approach for Every Occasion

You’ve got an important message to send, and you’re looking for a way to really connect with your audience. We can work with you to construct a campaign for nearly every marketing application. Here are some challenges we’ve helped organizations overcome:

Lead Nurturing

Build a real connection with your leads and turn conversations into closes. Turn stale leads into fresh ones by finding a new way to get the discussion started again.

Opportunity Creation

Say hello in a powerful way that leaves your competition in the spam box. Put a smile on a prospect’s face even before you greet them.

Product Launches

Create buzz and demand for your target audience. Drive engagement for your new service. Get the word out in a way that links taste and memory to your brand.

Client Outreach

Let your best clients know how much you appreciate their business. Create a reason for disengaged clients to reconnect with you. Thank your clients for sending that great referral.


Stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise to get in front of your prospects in an impactful way that elicits a real response. Whether you’re breaking into a new market, expanding to a new geographic location, or targeting specific audiences, we can help you get in front of future potential clients that are ready to listen.

Team Engagement

Now more than ever, showing your team you care isn’t just a nice thing to do – it’s critical to the success of your organization. Keeping your number one resource happy and engaged is paramount to thriving, and not simply surviving. Do more than just talk about how great your organization is to work for: demonstrate it!

Meeting Alternative

The transition from in-person meetings to digital ones has never happened faster. In today’s environment, find a way to connect even if you can’t get together physically. Use gifting to increase engagement in your digital conferences, staff meetings, trainings and webinars.

Referral Thank You

Nothing says ‘we appreciate you’ more than a client referral. So why not pay back the gift? Show your top clients who offer referrals more than just a token of appreciation. A customized chocolate gift says more than ‘thanks’; it communicates your appreciation in a way that makes your client want to repeat the process.

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Chat with one of our Chocolate Specialists and they will help you create a custom chocolate solution for your business

Real World Example: The Ultimate Cowboy Showdown on INSP


The Challenge

INSP wanted to promote an upcoming. Another process that helps develop the flavor is roasting, which can be done on the whole bean before shelling or on the nib after shelling. The time and temperature of the roast affect the result: A “low roast” produces a more acid, aromatic flavor, while a high roast gives a more intense, bitter flavor lacking complex flavor notes.

The Solution

We worked with a production network to create a custom chocolate piece for an upcoming show promotion. They choose to send out chocolate belt buckles to prize winners of their program, ‘Ultimate Cowboy Showdown’. The result was a truly unique piece that highlighted their brand and generated excitement for their recipients!

The Result

A big thank you to you and your team for all your with our Chocolate belt buckle project! Your team was so thoughtful and helpful, making the entire process a breeze. The chocolate and packaging look amazing. We couldn’t be happier with the final product.

— Sierra H.

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