New Arrival

We are excited to bring our customers an expanded print experience this year!

The cutting-edge Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press brings a stunning “wow” factor to digital print, giving you a whole new way to deliver joy and delight!

With an innovative six-color print engine that can print lustrous gold and silver
metallics, we can deliver a larger spectrum of color, smoother gradients, dazzling metallic blends and stunning high-quality print, all in a single pass. Flecks of real metal are embedded in the specialty gold and silver dry inks, grabbing the light and drawing valuable attention to your fully custom design.

Intro to Metallic Ready Designs

In order to help assist you with your artwork, we offer a variety of metallic ready-design options for you to choose from, all utilizing our new printing capabilities in their own unique way. If you would like to change the greeting, font, or if you see a holiday message on one design that you would like to see on the background of another, we can make those adjustments for you. Colors can also be customized, upon approval with our art team. Creating a unique gift has never
been this easy or eye catching!

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