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Phew. You made it through the holidays! The hustle and bustle has died down and life as you know it returns to a welcome, normal pace.

As you start the New Year, and as resolutions come and go, one thing should remain consistent: your appreciation and acknowledgment of your best clients, friends and colleagues. While holiday gifting gets all the love, there is still so much to be celebrated all year long to show your best clients you care – and that you can help make their business  be more productive and profitable.

From birthdays to trade show gifts and conference gifts to corporate event gifts and even grand opening gifts, there is much to consider and offer your clients – and even more reasons to celebrate that relationship!

Is your client planning to take part in a yearly trade show? The perfect nod to that would be customized pure Belgian chocolate business cards or brochures that showcase their brand and can be handed out at the show.

Is a grand opening coming up? What would be a better attendee welcome than a delicious and branded Belgian chocolate covered European style cookie? Or even branded chocolate coins that are the perfect memorable snack on the go!

Is a birthday coming up that you want to make a statement for? How about a customized Luxury Tasting box that can be shared with the whole office?


“Thank you” never goes unappreciated, especially from valued clients and colleagues. Show them you know how hard they work for you with our occasion gifts that say it best with yumminess. From 2 lb pure Belgian chocolate bars to delightfully drizzled popcorn, any one of these gifts is sure to delight!
Personalize your own Thank you gift

So, don’t limit your gifting to December. Look to the other 11 months for dozens of reasons to spread joy and build your business relationships. It will pay back in so many ways!

For more options and ideas, head to and let us help you select the perfect gifts now!

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