Author: Totally Chocolate

Chocolate Gift Ideas For Your Boss That Are Work-Appropriate

Gift-giving is a part of many, if not most, cultures across the globe. In personal relations, it’s a great way of showing appreciation to another person. But what about the workplace environment? While it’s perfectly okay to give a colleague a thank-you note or a small token of appreciation, is it okay to give your…

Why Is Corporate Gifting a Good Idea? (+Unique Gift Ideas)

Curious about whether you should gift your corporate clients with customer appreciation gifts? After all, what’s in a gift? The answer is simple – gifting is everything! It shows you care. It shows you spent time thinking of them. It shows you went above and beyond to select and customize their gift. This ultimately means…

5 Holiday Gift Ideas That Your Remote Employees Will Love

The past two years were characterized by numerous changes on the work front. To adapt to the changing needs of the global corporate landscape, many businesses and organizations began offering their employees the opportunity to work remotely. As expected, some thrived in the new environment while others struggled with the loneliness it led to. Despite…

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