How To Do Corporate Gifting The Right Way

There is a right way and a wrong way to do corporate gift-giving. The wrong corporate gift, such as a branded stress ball, will only acknowledge the stressful environment your employees are operating in. As such, they’re likely to end up in the trash can instead of being a valued gift they will treasure over the long term.

In corporate gifting, details matter. You don’t want to give just any gift. You want to give a good gift. So, with this in mind, we’ve prepared some tips for you to consider when showing your staff, clients, and stakeholders appreciation. We also offer some delightful gift ideas that you should definitely try. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Corporate gifting tips – here is what you need to know

When it comes to corporate gift-giving, there is a right approach and a wrong approach.

The wrong approach is impersonal, bland and boring, and is something that will leave your gift tucked away at the back of a dark cupboard or drawer never to be seen again.

The right gift, on the other hand, will delight and impress the recipient with the thought, care, and attention that you put into the gift.

If corporate gifting is something you’re struggling with, here are a couple of tips to consider before you get started.

1. Set a budget and plan ahead

Although larger corporations with a much higher number of employees and stakeholders can afford to buy expensive gifts such as concert experiences or other tangible items with a large price tag, there are many smaller organizations that simply don’t have the budget for this. Therefore, when starting out, have an amount in mind that you can afford spending and start the planning process.

2. Tell a story and share your work culture

Storytelling is being woven not only in terms of how customers perceive brands. It’s also becoming crucial in internal branding and communication as well. This is why your brand story and work culture should be kept top of mind when selecting the gift(s) for your employees.

3. Make your gift customizable and personalized

Personalized gifts that are customized to the recipient will go a long way to being appreciated as opposed to the run-of-the-mill gifts that have no intrinsic value or added thought put into them.

As such, you want to make sure your gift directly speaks to the recipient’s values, interests, likes, and preferences. Although this may seem like a difficult balance to achieve, our suggestions below will easily take care of this.

4. Put some effort into the presentation and unboxing experience

As much as a gift is about the inside, it’s also about the external appearance and the unboxing experience that counts equally. Therefore, when you’ve selected the right gift to present to your staff and stakeholders, be sure that it’s expertly wrapped and that the recipient will look forward to unwrapping the gift.

A nice box, tissue paper, and others show that you’ve paid attention to the details and it adds a nice finishing touch to the overall presentation. A nice, thoughtful, and handwritten note will also go a long way to fostering a sense of appreciation.

5. Choose quality over originality

Many organizations try to think out of the box when it comes to corporate gifts. But sometimes, these gifts end up being a waste altogether. Instead of purchasing gifts that will not last long and will only frustrate the recipients, think about the quality of the gift you’re gifting for a much more pleasant experience. Often, it is argued that getting something consumable as opposed to tangible is the better route to take because there will not only be a lower environmental impact but also the ability to enjoy the gift in a more engaging manner.

6. Be tasteful with your branding

Many companies think that their logo and name should appear on absolutely every item that is part of the gift box. However, there is such a thing as too much when it comes to branding your business.

Therefore, be tasteful in your use of your logo and other brand attributes. Ensure that it’s not too large and overpowering and that it does not scream self-promotion at every step of the way.

7. Offer a couple of good options

It’s also important to give the gift recipients options when it comes to their gifts. Some people like cookies and cream. Others prefer milk chocolate. Yet others like dark chocolate. These are just some examples of where tastes and preferences matter.

By giving the recipients choices and options, you’re much more likely to hit the nail on the head with the right gift among a series of gifts.

Is chocolate a good corporate gift?

We promised that we’ll get to the good part and offer you some delightful gift ideas and we are ready to deliver on our promise.

So, what is the answer? It is: corporate chocolate gifts!

Why is this the best gift option? Well, we have several reasons:

  • Chocolate gifts can be affordable
  • They can be personalized and customizable through engraving
  • You can have chocolates with your logo printed on them for greater yet subtle branding
  • They come expertly wrapped so that you don’t have to worry about gift wrapping
  • They are of a high quality and because they are personalized, they foster a sense of originality, and
  • You can cater to multiple different taste buds and preferences through our wide selection.

So, what does our selection include? You’re in for a treat! From 1 lb and 2 lb chocolate bars (yes, it’s true!), we also offer chocolate ensembles, luxury tasting boxes and towers, cookies, s’mores kits, and custom shapes.

This means you really have it all laid out for you and the difficulty of choosing the perfect gift has melted away!

Besides this, we recognize that chocolate is loved by so many people across the country and the world that we are confident that chocolate is really the best gift you can give your staff and organizational stakeholders.

In summary

The Totally Chocolate gift options are truly a gift that keeps on giving. Not only because of the wide variety of chocolate and flavors we offer but also because you can fully customize your chocolate gifts with engraving and personalization. There’s nothing that indicates you’ve put thought into a gift than a personalized experience. And because this is something that we specialize in, you can count on us for a completely delightful gifting experience. Ready to talk to us? Simply get in touch!

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