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Benefits of Buying Early and Locking in Price!

Whether you are the CFO or just the designated individual who has been handed the company Yuletide purchasing reins, you are probably already preparing for the holidays. The goal of any company is to express gratitude to employees and clients who have been a part of the company’s growth. In addition, another goal is to…

Customizing gifts in an on-demand world

How do you deliver joy in an on-demand world? Totally Chocolate gifts offer the benefits of personalized gifts with instant gratification! Today’s world moves unbelievably swiftly. Gone are the days of snail mail – or, more recently, even email. People want to express themselves instantly (the thank you note arrives now by text rather than…

Business Gifting Trends 2018

Corporate gift planning guaranteed to WOW! The road to perfect client business gifts is often filled with Google Map-less navigation, possible wrong turns and often surprise stop signs (you know, those times when it’s December 15th or the day of someone’s birthday and you still haven’t figured it out). Worse yet are the roads most…

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