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Case Study: Energizing the Video Conference

It’s staring you down through your Outlook calendar: another dreaded video conference call this week. You can already hear yourself asking Ugh, do I really need to attend the latest training? Can we skip this management team meeting? Why on Earth did I say yes to this software exploration call? A wise person once stated…


How You Can Use Chocolate in Marketing

Giving your business the edge in today’s saturated market takes some creativity and luck. And while we don’t really have control over how what kind of luck we have, we can certainly help nudge things in a good direction. How? With chocolate of course! You might be asking the very logical question: How can I…


4 Ways to Create a Memorable Guest Experience

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese Guest experience (not to be confused with customer service), is the totality of interactions between a guest and hospitality service throughout the guest’s stay. “The race to own customer experience is on! Companies are recognizing the importance of delivering an experience that makes them stand…


5 Creative Marketing Ideas for Car Dealerships

  Do you want to add some octane to your marketing campaign and “drive” customers to your dealership? Keep on reading! The US is the second largest automobile market on the planet. In fact, the first three quarters of 2019 saw over 12,000,000 vehicle sales in the US alone. – (// “According to the National…

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Success Stories

A Sweet Thank you
from UMass

UMass Memorial Health Care wanted “a small but meningfull token of appreciation” for their staff. UMass utilized Totaly Chocolate to create a custom chocolate bar with a thank you note that makes for a personal and meaningfull recognition gift.

Ultimate Cowboy

We worked with a production network to create a custom piece for an upcoming show promotion. They chose to send out chocolate belt buckles to the prize winners of their latest program, ‘Ultimate Cowboy Showdown.

Golden Ticket Zoom

A client wanted to drive attendance and engagement for an upcoming larger digital training event. Working with our one of our Chocolate Specialists, we were able to develop a program based on their goals and needs. How do you get people excited about your event? Tell them there’s chocolate involved!

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