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Tell me if this sounds familiar.

It’s a regular day, you’re working at the office, thinking about what great success you’ve been having. When suddenly there’s a knock at the door, followed by someone calling, “Delivery!”

Your mind does a quick scan and you realize you aren’t expecting any packages in the mail. Could this be a gift? Something special? You did just close that big deal, after all.

You can hardly contain your excitement as you swing the door open. Standing before you is a delivery man in his pressed uniform and a smile on his face. And in his hands is … another boring gift basket. The thought of handpicked, thoughtful gifts disappear into thin air, replaced by the sight of boring crackers and tea biscuits that you know will sit in the pantry for the next five years. Terrific. You put it on the shelf with the other cellophane-wrapped gifts you haven’t bothered to open.

As a company that helps people excel in the art of gift giving, it absolutely breaks our hearts at Totally Chocolate to know that this kind of thing still happens.

That is exactly why we have created the most exciting alternatives to boring gift baskets we could think of. And what’s more, we invite you to join in the process and help customize your gift.

We understand why gift baskets came to dominate the market in the world of corporate and business gift giving—they’re easy and quick, and they were originally meant to be pleasant enough to satisfy everyone.

These days, whether you are sending a corporate or business gift for personal reasons or during the holidays, the personal touch is expected.

Here are some of our favorite alternatives to the boring gift basket:

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Chocolate Bars

Way beyond your average and typical chocolate bar, Totally Chocolate chocolate bars are extremely popular in the corporate world for business gifts. The limitless ways you can customize the message directly on the chocolate bar with a massage or a logo, combined with the deliciously high quality chocolate, makes these unforgettable.


Chocolate Ensembles

Can’t decide? Chocolate ensembles are a great way to send a message to a client or service provider in the corporate business world. Again, these aren’t chocolates that you can find in your local grocery store, Totally Chocolate uses the highest quality ingredients to create an experience for your senses. Plus there are customizable options in the packaging<> so that the person receiving the gift will know that the gift has been thought through.

For even more amazing gift ideas that are as exciting as gift baskets are boring, contact our sales team. They are professionals in the art of gift giving and have and will be able bring your ideas to life.

Giving and receiving a thoughtful gift is a special experience, and can do wonders for building and maintaining business relationships. So try something new and exciting with a customizable gift from Totally Chocolate!

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