Gourmet Chocolate Gifts by Mail


You’ve got your gift recipient list, but now you are wondering…what gifts will you send?

Gourmet chocolate, of course! Totally Chocolate can create a chocolate gift that is sure to please! And the best part? We will ship your luxury Belgian Chocolate gifts for you!

E-commerce is a big business. The list of items one can purchase online is mind-boggling. Buying gourmet chocolate online is not a new concept, especially when gifting chocolate for special occasions and holidays.

However, shopping, wrapping, and packing can be time-consuming. Labeling and shipping can also be time intensive.

Shipping chocolate can be a bit tricky, especially to warmer locations. Totally Chocolate can help make your gifting stress-free. We can manage your custom chocolate delivery and save you time and effort. There is no need for you to stock up on mailers, foam, insulation, ice, or shippers. You won’t have to stand in line with loads of chocolate gifts that need to be processed and labeled.

Over 30 glorious years, we at Totally Chocolate have worked to be the best at chocolate delivery. Your custom chocolate is handled with great care, from production to shipment.

Dropshipping Chocolate

Dropshipping chocolate gifts is our specialty. We create your luxury chocolate gifts and package them in your chosen design. Each chocolate gift is then carefully packed in a mailer. The chocolate gifts are then mailed to your recipients.

We insulate shippers and add ice to packages going to warm climates. Your Belgian luxury chocolate gifts will arrive in perfect shape. No melted hot chocolate!

Allowing us to mail your holiday and business gifts is easy and convenient for YOU.

One of our most popular Belgian chocolate items for dropshipping is our Indulgent Chocolate Bar. It is two pounds of luxurious, creamy Belgian chocolate. This bar can be engraved with your design along with the packaging, and we will mail it for you! Imagine the delight of your recipient when they open their gift of luxury Belgian chocolate!


Another popular custom chocolate gift for dropshipping is our 12-Piece Cookie Set. It is a box of 12 cookies topped with creamy engraved Belgian milk or dark chocolate. Choose your packaging and you’ve created the perfect luxury chocolate gift that can be easily mailed.


Bulk Shipping Chocolate

Would you like all your chocolate gifts sent to one destination? You can use our bulk shipping option. Your chocolate gifts are carefully packed in boxes with padding and shipped to the destination of your choice. Again, if the chocolate is shipping to warm climates, we will add ice packs at no extra cost. This ensures that it arrives in perfect condition.

Popular items for bulk shipping are engraved Belgian chocolate trios. These are three custom engraved Belgian chocolate foil-wrapped squares. They are packaged in a box custom designed by YOU!

Or, perhaps you’d like to choose our classic 2×5 wrapper bar. Have it engraved with your company logo or a special message. You can decide on creamy Belgian milk chocolate or smooth Belgian dark chocolate. And, you get to design the wrapper however you wish!

We can help create your perfect custom chocolate gift. Leave the shipping and logistics to us! We are happy to deliver your chocolate gifts to your recipients, and you can relax knowing that the packages are in good hands!


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