Out with the Boring! In with Fresh, Unique Ways to Gift!

When it comes to giving, everyone likes to avoid “the usual.” Let’s face it, we want to delight in creativity and novelty.

Companies often strive to go “above and beyond.” Equally essential is the emotional impact that the recipient experiences. However, it’s not just the giving that is important. What also comes into play is the strengthened business/client relationship.

A strong business relationship is the backbone to a company’s success. And grateful clients can help nurture that bond.

Let’s take a look at some fresh, unique ways to gift:


Unique Client Gift Ideas

Nothing is more yawn-worthy than a gift that has no thought behind it. But, fear not! We have the solution for creative client gifts!

Imagine, if you will, your distinctive gift arriving in the hands of your client. Eagerly, and with much anticipation, they open the carton. A flash of lustrous, golden wrapping appears, topped with a lovely cream bow.

Then, the excitement builds. What could be inside?

Your client gently lifts off the classy, luxe lid. Greeting their gleeful gaze is a luscious assortment of fresh, unique confections! The bottom layer: a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth Belgian chocolate bar. And it’s weighing in at 2 pounds!

Equally scrumptious, in the upper box, is a delightful collection of sweet, crisp cookies. Each one is artfully topped with your choice of Belgian milk or dark chocolate. On the other hand, you can choose a topping of festive cake and sprinkles, sweet cookies & cream, or refreshing peppermint bark.

This delicious cookie and bar tower creates an unforgettable impact. Think “outside the basket!” You get to turn “Ho Hum” into “Oh, YUM!”

And to make it even more unique, the chocolate bar can be artfully engraved with the design of your choice! Similarly, the chocolate-cloaked cookies can be engraved with an image or message.

For Corporate gift ideas for clients, you may choose to have your company logo or motto inscribed into the luxury Belgian chocolate. On the other hand, you can create a unique design that conveys gratitude. You will create an even stronger business/client bond while letting them know they matter.

(If you’d like an even more unique way to gift, you can choose your own custom image on the packaging!)


Unique Employee Gift Ideas

Do you celebrate company milestones with your employees? Delight them with delectable, edible and unique appreciation gifts. After all, they were instrumental in helping your business succeed!

Perhaps you’d like to create a unique and very special reward to commemorate an employee anniversary. Or you can brighten their day by helping them celebrate a personal milestone. A wedding anniversary, the birth of a child, a birthday – these are all occasions that call for only the best, most thoughtful and unique gifts.

Other than an avocado multi-tool, what could you buy your team that is uber exciting this year? Well, Belgian chocolate, of course! But not any old run-of-the-mill chocolate will do.


For a fresh, unique show of appreciation or recognition, present your employees with a trio of tantalizing Belgian chocolate. You can engrave the rich, succulent chocolate with a thoughtful thank you message. Alternatively, you may decide to adorn the tantalizing Belgian chocolate treats with cheery illustrations!

The full color printed box can exquisitely display your logo, or even a festive message of gratitude!

Your company may want to create a sense of pride among employees. Additionally, you may want to take an opportunity to inspire those you work with. For motivational gift ideas, look no further!

Spread around gratitude, positivity and enthusiasm with Mini 4 Piece Sets of custom engraved Belgian chocolate. You provide the message, and we’ll engrave it into the cute chocolate pieces. You can add a custom printed sleeve to the box! Also, why not say “Thank You,” “We Appreciate You,” or “We Believe in You!” in a most delicious, fresh AND unique way?


Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect unique corporate gift requires taking into consideration the impact the gift will make on the recipient. Equally important is the presentation.  The experience is just as important as the gift itself. How will the gift make the recipient feel? Does it represent your business in a positive light?

You definitely want to create an “AWE” moment and not an “Awwwww” moment!

If details are important to you, you’ve come to the right place! We pride ourselves on producing exquisite, intricately engraved Belgian chocolate. Best of all, you get to create the design! What better way to truly bring a smile to someone’s face than unique custom engraved creamy Belgian chocolate?

Better yet, combine the dreamy chocolate with crispy cookies for an enticing and esthetically pleasing luxury corporate gift.

Our 24 Piece Cookie Set delights the senses with an eye-catching variety of cookies. Choose delectable toppings such as creamy Belgian milk chocolate and rich dark Belgian chocolate. In addition, you can select non-engraved refreshing peppermint white chocolate toppings or the popular cookies and cream.

For a truly personal touch, include a personalized gift card to express your sentiments and gratitude. A short simple message is a sure way to allow your corporate partners to feel valued.


Thank You Gifts for Executives

It is always a wonderful idea to show appreciation to the executive/s you work with. A personal gift (not promotional) is the best way to express gratitude.

Gifts for executives should be classy, but not necessarily flashy. Likewise, executive gifts don’t need to be extremely expensive. Stick with something unique and meaningful, and you cannot go wrong!

Business gift sets are quite popular. Why not gift your executive/s with something truly unique? There is no need to stick with the mundane pen/key fob/money clip option.

For a truly chic and attractive business gift set, choose the ultimate in flavor and class! Our custom Luxury Tasting Box will make the executive in your life feel like the gift was chosen specifically for them. In fact, you can choose a custom design for the exterior AND interior of the box!

And, last but not least:

Corporate Holiday Gifts for Clients

The holidays are just around the corner! Now is the time to start thinking about options for holiday gifts for clients and Christmas gifts for employees.

Our 10 Piece Ensemble is a chocolate lover’s delight! This delectable selection of Belgian chocolates conveys a sense of celebration. There’s plenty to share!


Choose from Belgian milk or dark chocolate for the center piece. The personalized chocolate outer squares will delight with exciting peppermint bark, cookies and cream or cake and sprinkles flavors. Or rather, you can choose sweet milk chocolate or smooth dark chocolate.

Mix and match for a fresh, unique holiday gift!

You can also check out our new customizer products. Choose from 8 holiday pre-designs and easily drop in your logo.

Snag your swag now to WOW with fresh, unique ways to gift!


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