Tax Time Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful!


Bring a Smile to Your Tax Clients!

Is it possible to bring a smile to the faces of your tax clients? Why, yes it is!

Showing your appreciation to your clients is easy. By the same token, expressing gratitude is one of many ways to build customer loyalty.

We all know the importance of top-notch customer service. Excellent customer service skills include building strong relationships and listening and understanding the client’s needs. Not to mention, a focused passion for helping them work toward and/or reach their financial goals.

As an accountant, your ultimate role is to create value by helping your clients. You want them to trust you.  Additionally, you want them to feel comfortable with their financial future in your hands.

To be honest, even with your highest efforts, some clients can feel quite the pinch at tax time. And you, as their accountant, are always on the lookout for ways to ease their financial pain. You are the solution-oriented problem solver.

You may not always be able to completely dissipate a client’s monetary misery. On the other hand, you CAN sweeten the sting with tax season chocolate gifts!

Below are some ways you can incorporate sweet, delicious treats into tax time (and beyond).

Thank You Chocolate Bars

Show gratitude to your clients with custom wrapped chocolate bars. Create a beautiful wrapper that showcases your brand. Nestled inside the wrapper is a decadent milk, dark or white Belgian chocolate bar. What makes this an even more stunning treat? Your logo or a special message can be artfully engraved into the chocolate! Personalized chocolate business gifts are sure to elicit smiles!

Alternatively, you can choose our classic IRS 1040 Chocolate Bars. Each bar is wrapped in a 1040 Form wrapper. The delicious chocolate bar is also engraved with a 1040 Form. Give your clients the chance to “Bite Back at The IRS!

For those clients with more substantial tax loads, choose our IRS 1040 Deluxe Bars. These 8 ounce luscious, creamy milk chocolate “Bite Back at The IRS” bars are sweet satisfaction!

Perhaps you’d like to keep sweet treats handy year-round. These Bite Back at The IRS cookies are sure to please! Each European-style sugar cookie has an overlay of pure Belgian milk chocolate. Just like our IRS 1040 bars, the chocolate covering is engraved with a 1040 Form.


Business-Building Corporate Branded Chocolate

Another way to give your tax clients superlative value is to partner with other professionals. For example, you may want to have on your team an estate lawyer, a financial planner, and an insurance broker. Or, to go even further, you may want to connect with real estate brokers, and even charitable organizations. You never know where or when you will meet someone who you can help. Or, who can help you.

Having a team of dedicated professionals at your fingertips can help build your business. Not only that, this powerful team can be the perfect group of professionals to best meet most, if not all, of your client’s needs. A strategic team that works together in the interests of the client creates a powerful dynamic.

In turn, this dynamic creates a happy client. Meanwhile, happy clients are more likely to refer your services to others.

If you are looking for ways to build your financial and legal team, accounting events and conferences may be a great option.

Accounting and financial conferences are a wonderful way to showcase your business and be seen. Another way to increase visibility is to pass out custom logo chocolates. (Because, who doesn’t love chocolate?)

You can distribute your ultimate business card. Chocolate Business Cards, that is! Promotional chocolates are fun, but those engraved with your logo or information are even more so! The custom box is printed with your information, so you won’t be forgotten!

Even though Belgian chocolate business cards are quite unique, perhaps you want to share smaller tokens. Bite-Sized Foil Wrapped Squares are delicate, sweet morsels that can be engraved with your logo. Memorable and delicious!


Gifting Beyond Tax Time

There are year-round opportunities for corporate gifting. The most popular season, of course, is the holidays. But you can sweeten someone’s day any time! There are countless occasions to gift: birthdays, anniversaries, work anniversaries, thinking of you, etc.

Corporate gifting is one way to keep business relationships strong. You are essentially showing gratitude while staying at the top of the recipients’ minds.

Additionally, employee gifting helps build morale and lets them know they are appreciated and valued.

Corporate chocolate bar gifts are sure to bring smiles to your recipients!

Totally Chocolate is here to help you sweeten the tax season, build business relationships, and show gratitude in exceptionally sweet ways.


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