Give a Memorable Chocolate Gift with a Message of Thanks!


Give a Memorable Chocolate Gift with a Message of Thanks!

How often do you stop and appreciate all the things in your life? Experts agree that practicing active gratitude in our lives can create a measurable improvement in our physical and psychological well-being. Practicing gratitude opens more doors in our relationships, improves our sleep habits, increases our mental strength and improves our self-esteem. It really just takes the edge off of things, and that’s something to be grateful for in itself.

So, why not share that good feeling? Offering the people in our lives — family members, employees, colleagues, clients, friends, even strangers — the sentiment that they are appreciated goes a long way in building, strengthening and maintaining relationships.

And you know what says Thank You really well? Chocolate, of course! At Totally Chocolate, we’ve got some sweet ways to say Thank You.

Gratitude thank you box of chocolates ready made

Chocolate Gift with a Message

A chocolate gift with a Thank You message can come in a few different forms — it all depends on how you want to customize your gift. There’s nothing holding you back but your own imagination when you are thinking up ways to thank the people in your life you care most about.

Customize chocolate: You can choose to customize the chocolate itself with an indulgent 2 lb fully custom engraved Belgian chocolate bar. Choose the thank you message that means something special to you or choose from one of the stock images. Wrap it up in a beautiful gift box lid with a hot stamped decorative sleeve or cream ribbon, or design your own fully custom printed lid or band.

Customize packaging: With Totally Chocolate’s new online customizer it’s as easy as a few simple clicks to get the packaging design you want. You can upload a graphic or logo of your choice and add a color palette that’s just right for you.

Buy Chocolate Business Gifts Online

Sometimes saying Thank You needs a slightly more professional approach, as can be the case in the world of business. Whether you are dealing with clients, customers or colleagues, chocolate can still be a great way to express you gratitude, and it can be done in a sophisticated manner:

A classy gift they can share: 9-Piece Oreo cookie Thank You engraved Belgian chocolate. Nothing says “Thank You” like chocolate-dipped, delicious goodness! The lucky recipient can enjoy a random assortment of milk and white chocolate covered cookies that feature a variety of beautifully engraved Thank You messages. They can even share them if they want! The cookies come featured in a gorgeous gift box, accented in a modern geometric pattern and bold Thank You imprint—a truly unforgettable way to say thanks to a deserving client or business associate.

Thank You foiled coins: buy them by the case so that you can always have a delicious Thank You on hand to greet guests or to send the customer off knowing they are appreciated. Choose from silver or gold, mild or dark chocolate (or grab a case of each). You can even hand some out to strangers as you’re walking down the street! Everyone loves customized high-quality chocolate coins.

Corporate chocolate gift box: Consider a one- or two-tiered chocolate tasting box. These samplers are really great when it’s hard to decide, or for the person in your life you are still getting to know. These amazing and delicious snacks are perfect to sample and share! They can include a bag of chocolate drizzled popcorn, hand-batched toffee-covered pretzels, European-style sugar cookies topped with divine and creamy goodness made from pure Belgian chocolate and engraved with a special thank you message. They are presented in a timeless and classy gift box that you can’t find on store shelves.

Memorable Corporate Logo Gifts That Stand Out

Not sure if any of the above are right for the situation? No problem. You can order from a variety of chocolate options and have your custom corporate logo engraved directly onto them. Whether it is a logo branded bespoke chocolate bar, chocolate coins or cookies, custom corporate logos on chocolate are classy and unique. Not only are you spreading the love and gratitude, you are getting your brand identity into the minds of others.

When you want to do something really special for a business associate, have their corporate logo engraved directly onto chocolate. This is a surefire way to win some gratitude, or perhaps even a future business deal. It might even be the missing piece that will help convince your prospective client to sign with you! Ok, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here but imagine how great it would feel to be on the receiving end of a gift that is this thoughtful, personal, and delicious.

People have an innate need to be appreciated, and it’s a pretty simple gift to give, especially when we are in a state of feeling gratitude ourselves. It’s easy to share and we never need to run out of it.

It’s also nice to show people how much you appreciate them with a gift, and custom Thank You chocolate is perfect. It certainly isn’t the kind of gift that is going to sit around collecting dust! And with so many options to choose from, you are going to be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

At Totally Chocolate we are ready to help you come up with your perfect gratitude gift. If you need ideas, take a look through our site or reach out to our incredible customer service team — they have seen it all and are an endless source of creativity and inspiration.

And THANK YOU for visiting our site!


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