Kosher Business Gifts to Delight!

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Successful business relationships flourish when you show your clients how much you appreciate their patronage. This is also true when conveying to business executives how much you value their services.

When gifting business gifts, however, it’s a good idea to make sure the gift can be enjoyed by all recipients.

Why Choose Kosher Business Gifts?

According to a Mintel Survey, approximately 21% of Americans eat Kosher foods. These consumers may or may not adhere to strict religious guidelines. In fact, many people eat Kosher because these foods are produced under stricter guidelines than non-Kosher food items. You may not know if your clients or business partners follow strict Kosher dietary guidelines.

In the event that your recipients do adhere to Kosher restrictions and you are unaware of that, you can be assured that unique corporate chocolate gifts from Totally Chocolate can be consumed by everyone!

Gifting a Kosher business gift shows that you gave much thought into that delicious gift. Moreover, that also allows your recipient to be able to share that gift with others. This means less worry about their dietary restrictions.


What does Kosher mean?

Kosher is a Hebrew word that means “fit,” or “proper.” Kosher describes food and beverages that comply with Jewish religious dietary law. This also details how the food is to be prepared.

In fact, some Kosher foods, because of their preparation, are deemed to be fresher and healthier.

Food and beverages designated as Kosher go through a strict certification process. In order to remain Kosher compliant and certified, companies are subject to inspections by representatives who ensure the Kosher practices are adhered to.


Is Chocolate Kosher?

Yes! Chocolate gifts can be Kosher certified! Furthermore, our luxurious gourmet chocolate IS certified Kosher. With this in mind, you can be assured that the kosher personalized chocolate bar and custom chocolate gifts you create with great care can be enjoyed by everyone! All of our certified Kosher chocolate gifts are designated by the following symbol (OUD logo- kosher certified).

Gourmet Gift Ideas for Executives

Is the executive on your gift list a lover of chocolate? With this in mind, why not choose a gourmet chocolate gift that not only is a visual treat, but delights his or her taste buds as well? You can show your appreciation to those who have been an integral part of your business with a personalized Kosher gift tower packaged in a sophisticated, sleek gift box. (Because let’s face it, towers are the new baskets!)

This unique corporate gift’s bottom box contains luxurious delicacies such as a giant customized bar. The sweet, smooth, warm, rich flavors of the Belgian chocolate are sure to please! In addition, the upper box contains cookies with sweet, melt-in-your-mouth creamy milk or dark Belgian chocolate. The cookies can be customized with your logo (or any image for that matter) and verbiage of your choice.

Furthermore, you can opt to choose custom, personalized packaging!

Kosher Thank You Gifts

You want to say “thank you” to your clients for their loyalty and their business. With Kosher chocolate gifts, you cannot go wrong! Choose a visual delight in the form of our fully custom 23-piece engraved Belgian chocolate ensemble! This sweet, creamy treat is a unique way to convey your gratitude. Equally important, it’s a gift that can be enjoyed by those who adhere to Kosher dietary guidelines.

Unique Corporate Gifts

One of the most compelling ways to make your business stand out is to inspire others with unique corporate gifts. You want your unique gifts to convey a sense of artistic excellence. At the same time, you also want to unite that visual artistry with impeccable, luxurious flavor.

Why not WOW your corporate gift recipients with fully custom engraved Belgian chocolate shapes? These personalized shaped bars easily convey your sentiments with a sweet twist!


Kosher Holiday Business Gifts

Throughout the world, the holiday season is an opportunity to celebrate and take delight in scrumptious treats. Of course, we all know that the holidays bring about a sense of wonder and excitement.

Notably, one of the most popular confections for the holidays is sweet, creamy, delectable chocolate!

The holidays are also an opportunity to give back and show appreciation to business associates.

Creating your personalized holiday business gifts with Totally Chocolate allows you the freedom to design something extraordinary. And most certainly, gifting Kosher chocolate holiday gifts means fewer concerns about recipients’ dietary restrictions.

This 19-piece ensemble contains sweet, creamy Belgian milk and dark chocolate pieces surrounding a customizable center chocolate bar. Plenty of luxurious chocolate to share!

How about an extra bonus? At Totally Chocolate, we offer free personalized holiday cards with any Ready-To-Gift order.

In addition, if you are celebrating Hanukkah, we have the ideal driedel, star and menorah engraved Hanukkah gold chocolate coins to enjoy! Of course, all Kosher certified! If you are looking for more chocolate coins online, please contact us!


Dropshipping Kosher Chocolate Gifts

Perhaps you are not sure where to purchase Kosher business gifts. No worries! After you create and order your custom chocolate gifts, simply send us your recipient list and we can ship them for you! Let us take the stress off of packaging and shipping! (No need for you to tackle the shopping, wrapping, and packing!)

Gifting with Kosher chocolate gifts lets your business associates and clients know that you have taken great care and consideration in choosing gifts that everyone can enjoy!


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